26 April 2017


It's been just over a year since I left my student days behind me and made the move down to Wellington. Since then, an abundance of new people have come into my life, and this has re-highlighted the funny situation that occurs whenever personal friends and/or colleagues somehow discover this website. My day job has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, media or written/visual creativity (making powerpoint presentations is probably about as close as it gets). And it's only when people ask about this blog that I always realise how absolutely narcissistic and slightly ridiculous the whole concept seems. "Oh yeah, I just take photos of myself wearing nice clothes and then put them on this website." What an odd thing to say out loud..

I was recently reminded of the term 'creative confidence' and remembered just how much I like this idea. As a child, our creative confidence is through the roof. We're encouraged to imagine and draw and sculpt and create such crazy and amazing things without a care as to what others may think. But as we grow up, the perspective changes. Self-doubt, judgement and societal norms quash that confidence and the majority of us never pick up a crayon ever again.

There are various reasons why I haven't created a blog post in the last 6 months, and this is definitely one of them. I lost the creative confidence I had when I first started this blog. When I was posting for my own enjoyment instead of website hits and followers. When I was happy with my self-taken tripod photos instead of trying to perfect every shot. When I did this just for fun and for myself. So here I am, trying to find that confidence again as an older but not-that-much wiser adult human being. My first (and long overdue) post for the year, and a wordy one at that. I know I'll always have an obsession for clothes and fashion, and I hope it will continue to inspire me and those around me as the years go on. No promises, but I'll be sure to keep you updated.

(Shirt - Country Road. Demin shorts - Supre. Sandals - Nine West. Bag - Deadly Ponies. Sunglasses - Prada.)

An outfit for one of those days in Wellington you just can't beat (more of those please weather gods).

19 October 2016


(Sueded billow dress in French Navy, Zimmermann. Heels, Steve Madden. Sunglasses, Prada.)

Hunting for the perfect occasion dress can be a stressful experience full of indecision, self-doubt and almost-perfect-but-not-quite moments. This is made even more stressful when the dress you were supposed to rent falls through two days before said occasion. After a few hectic hours spent trawling through the interwebs for fast shipping and appropriate sizes, I ended up having a ball in this beautiful Zimmermann number. A dress straight from my dreams - 10/10 would wear again.

21 July 2016


(ASOS ruffle blouse with tie detailASOS pleated lace skirt, Lulus.com heels, Glassons sunglasses.)

When you've attempted to go shopping three weekends in a row, only to come out empty-handed every time; ASOS comes to the rescue! I'm definitely having a moment with pleats, and I love how these perfectly show off the different lace details on the skirt. Although this outfit does kind of remind me of that pink-blue carnival cotton candy that looks way better than it tastes.. (embracing it).