16 April 2016


(Floral top, Mirrou. Buckle shorts, TopShop. Nerro Boots, Lipstik. Sunglasses, eBay. Necklace, Meadowlark.)

We are officially a month and a half into Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, but somehow I can still get away with wearing outfits like this in our wet & windy capital. The weather gods have been oh so kind to us, with plenty of sunny days and no sideways rain as of yet. I'm embracing the opportunity to bare some skin in these new TopShop shorts that I picked up a few weeks ago. They are super comfy to wear, but the pleats and buckle belt add some subtle structure as well. I also rediscovered my love for these floral sunglasses that feel right at home paired with this (almost) matching floral top. Here's hoping the good weather sticks around just a little bit longer!

11 April 2016


(Top, Jacqui E. Pants, TopShop. Shoes, Dotti. Bag, Deadly Ponies. Sunglasses, Glassons. Necklace, Meadowlark. Watch, Fossil.)

I haven’t been restricted in the way I dress for the last six years, and I’m beginning to think that I really took that freedom for granted. The world of working adulthood has now enforced a dress code on life, five days out of seven for the first time since I was 15. Needless to say, my wardrobe was seriously lacking in the business wear department, which translated into a minor (borderline major) shopping spree to fill this void. Although far from complete, I think I’ve managed to wrangle together a pretty decent capsule collection that will suffice until the bank account allows for further expansion.

I am loving these TopShop pants that actually fit me lengthwise without having to be hemmed (thank you petite section) and this vibrant floral number brings some much-needed colour into working attire. I do try to avoid wearing all black to the office, but I have to admit that it does look chic as hell and you feel like a super boss lady despite knowing very little about what you're actually supposed to be doing at work..

28 March 2016


I know it's been a while, but I've had good reasons to justify the 4 month blog hiatus. A mini OE spanning 8 countries was the main event, but moving cities, apartment hunting and starting a real adult job all contributed to the lack of posts over the summer months (along with some good old procrastination).

Life is now slowly settling down, and it's actually a relief to no longer be living out of a suitcase and to finally have my own room to come home to. Here's hoping a more regular schedule means more regular blog posts too! Still, the wanderlust is very real and I'm itching to jet set off on another adventure (next on the list is definitely SEA!). In the meantime though, I'm reliving my European memories and sharing 10 things I learnt while I was travelling:

1. Google maps (and McDonald's wifi) will save your life
2. Trying to take good photos is both enjoyable and infuriating
3. Air BnBs are the best places to stay
4. Wearing the same 4 outfits on repeat for 5 weeks may drive you insane (until you find an H&M)
5. After seeing 10+ churches/cathedrals, they all end up looking the same
6. Everything is closed on Sundays (like, everything)
7. Walking 20,000+ steps in a day isn't uncommon; choose footwear appropriately
8. Ask asian people to take group photos for you (seriously, they know what they're doing)
9. You will learn the phrase "Please mind the gap between the train and the platform" in multiple languages
10. Eat everything; it's all delicious