27 May 2018

(Glassons top,  One Teaspoon shorts, Forever New shirt, Adidas sneakers, Glassons sunglasses.)

When the sun is setting at 5pm and temperatures are almost sub-zero, you know it's time for a little mid-year holiday to evade the approaching winter blues. Lucky for me, I got to do just that a few weekends ago when I hopped over the ditch to visit one of my best friends who had recently moved to Sydney. It was a great girls weekend away in a beautiful sunny city that has me seriously considering a change of scenery.. But even luckier for me, I get to do it all again on a much grander scale, as I soon depart for a cheeky little getaway to experience the dream that is a European summer.

I'm not sure it's quite sunk in yet that this trip is coming up so soon - 15 days and counting! There have just been so many other things happening in and around my life that my schedule has been jam-packed and my brain has been rather preoccupied. But that's all the more reason for me to be very excited to soon be able to press pause on all that and enjoy a little escape from reality. Here's hoping that it will result in me feeling refreshed and ready for life when I get back (or maybe I'll just feel terribly depressed that I'm no longer on holiday, it's about a 50/50 chance for either scenario). 

I wore the above outfit while in Sydney and plan on wearing it plenty while in Europe as well. I was on the hunt for the perfect pair of high rise denim shorts and One Teaspoon delivered the goods with these High Waisted Bandits. While the current weather situation in this part of the world is unfortunately not very conducive with bare legs and crop tops, I'm sure these shorts will earn a solid place in my wardrobe and carry me through many summers and vacations to come.

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