28 March 2018

(COS stripe top, pants from South Korea, heels, Glassons sunglasses.)

What better way to celebrate hump day than with an ode to one of the most well-known fashion one-liners in movie history (and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, please go educate yourself). I bought both these pieces while in South Korea earlier this year and have been wearing this top to death. It's made from a cool and comfy cotton that is just so easy to throw on for a lazy day (of which I have many). The pants are also surprisingly comfortable as well as being totally office appropriate, which is always a bonus for my wardrobe these days. And while I had no intention of wearing these colour coordinated purchases all at once, it turns out they make quite a great ensemble that would definitely get Regina's approval. 

After traveling so much for work over the last six months, I am SO HAPPY to finally be living in Wellington for two whole weeks! It may sound like a bit of dream to travel all the time but trust me, the novelty wears off pretty fast when you end up by yourself for most of the week in very uninspiring small New Zealand towns. Needless to say, it's great to be back in this beautiful city (if only for a little while). Priority activities while here include multiple coffee and scone runs to Lamason, mastering new songs on my newly acquired electric piano and hanging out with all the awesome people here who I always miss when I'm away.

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