27 February 2018

(Shirt from South Korea, Finders Keepers shorts, Adidas sneakers, Glassons sunglasses.)

As cheesy as it is, I’m a big believer in the idea of fate and all the cringe-worthy, tumblr-esque, one-line quotes that come with it. "What’s meant to be will always find its way", "You often meet fate on the road you take to avoid it", and my all time favourite, "Everything happens for a reason", even if we don’t know what that reason is yet.

It has occurred to me that my love for this idea may just be a coping method I use to deal with all the shitty things that sometimes happen in life. Because how else can we explain why bad things happen to good people? I think it also gives me a bit of hope that even though I don’t really know what I’m doing or where I’m headed right now, it’s all building towards some sort of elaborate master plan that the universe has had for me all along. As you can probably tell, I'm in the midst of a slight what-am-I-doing-with-my-life crisis, but I've also come to realise that this is a pretty normal thing for most rational young adult humans to experience from time to time.

Part of why I'm feeling a little lost may also be due to catching a case of the post-travel blues. I recently spent one and a half amazing weeks in South Korea visiting one of my best friends and it really reminded me how much I absolutely love travelling. It reminded me how small our little corner of the world is, and how many possibilities there are beyond the safe bubble of what we know. It reminded me that there are so many awesome people out there who I haven’t even met yet, but will one day be a part of my life. And it reminded me that often, it’s not about where you are in the world or even what you’re doing, but the people around you who make it what it is.

Suffice it to say that coming back to reality after a getaway like that is enough to make anyone write a weirdly deep blog post and question your purpose in life.. But maybe the purpose of life isn't to figure out exactly what you're supposed to be doing. Maybe it's understanding that you'll never really know what you're doing, and that's kind of exciting and 100% okay.

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  1. this outfit looks so comfy! cute pants <33