21 January 2018

(Kookai Foliage dress, Siren heels, Prada sunglasses, Fossil watch.)

Oh summer, how I love you so. The nights are long and warm, the city is looking beautiful and everyone is walking around with +50 happy mood points because it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Personal highlights so far have included countless beach visits, lunchtime tanning sessions, bushwalking adventures, day drinking at the races (twice) and a cheeky festival to ring in the New Year. 

I wore the above outfit to the second races event I've attended this season at Wellington Cup Day. This dress is definitely in the running for Best Dress Ever because a) it is super flattering and makes my boobs look great, b) it is conducive with the season's current 'suns out guns out' policy that maximises tanning opportunities, and c) it has HUGE POCKETS which is pretty much the ultimate dream for any kind of occasion wear. Plus, I won $3 at the races while wearing it so I was a happy gal.

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