28 May 2017

(Forever New top, Keepsakes True Love skirt, Topshop coat, Dottie heels, Prada sunglasses.)

The above is one of my go-to office get ups for when I want to feel just a little bit fancy on a weekday. The peek-a-boo lace skirt and asymmetric hemline spices up the classic pencil silhouette, making it perfect for transitioning from office-to-evening. I love pairing this monochrome look with my Topshop pink trench that I bought while travelling through Europe last year. It was a bit of a splurge at the time, but it adds such a fun punch of colour and was definitely worth every penny. Unintentionally, it has resulted in my participation in the 'Millennial Pink' colour craze that seems to be sweeping the globe, but I am very much okay with that.

I am currently writing this sitting on my bedroom floor as my mind is attempting to recover from a crazy, educational and very sleep deprived week of work training up in Auckland. To be fair, having to go through a 15 hour workday after 3 hours of sleep was kind of my own doing since I really didn't have to stay out until 4am the night before. Exhausted is probably an understatement as I've had a total of 4 naps this weekend already.. But despite the lack of sleep, it was a super fun week and I wouldn't have done it any other way. Moral of the story? Play hard, work hard and then take lots (and lots) of naps.

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