1 September 2015

Pretty, prim and sweet was the name of the game today, with lacey lingerie, silk kimonos, and plenty of soft pastels floating about. The exception, of course, being the Stolen Girlfriends Club evening show, which was a full-on extravaganza at the St James Theatre celebrating 10 years in the business. Read on for all my fave highlights from Day 2!

So much love for this young designer's super feminine and wearable collection. Highlights included a pair of low heel pompom shoes worn over white socks, furry pink & navy checkerboard coats and pretty pleated details throughout. Also, that baby blue dress looks comfy enough (and cute enough) to sleep in - yes please to sleepwear as daywear.

Julian Danger
The Julian Danger girl looks like she knows exactly what she wants and where she wants to be. Every look was clean, modern and very polished, with a timeless neutral colour palette that would slide seamlessly into any wardrobe (e.g. mine). More pompoms featured, this time as a fun hair accessory paired with nude leather slip-ons and beautiful metallic eyes. The collection finished up with soft blush tones and some floaty top-and-pant combos for a sweet ending.

HER Apparel
Delicate lace bras, racey knicker bottoms and a very sheer body suit made up a gorgeous lingerie collection from this Aus/NZ label. Vibrant shades of raspberry pink and sherbert orange added a fresh pop of colour every now and again. I particularly loved the little lace crop tops with sheer panel details that could totally be worn out on a hot summer's day. Unsure if that would induce a 'togs togs undies' kind of situation but I'll risk it.

Willa & Mae
Because we always need to look good, even when we're sleeping. Comfort is definitely key, with loose cotton shorts and button up tops featured in an array of soft sleepy colours. Although this is definitely the first time I've seen sleepwear paired with knee high stockings and Doc Martens, and I'm not sure if I'm completely sold on the idea. However, those gorgeous silky robes are like the Miss Crabb of sleepwear, and the day that one of them is hanging on the back of my bathroom door will be the day that I know I've made it to the high life (or maybe I just decided to treat myself - either way, it'll be a great day.) 

 Stolen Girlfriends Club
The yearly crowd favourite didn't disappoint this time around with a spectacular showcase that doubled as their 10th birthday party. VIP guests sat on stage with a prime view of the runway, while the rest of us plebs stood in the crowd below. I scored myself a pretty sweet spot right by the edge of the stage, and managed to get up close and personal with all the pieces (maybe even a little too personal; low angle + short skirts = a few cheeky moments). Highlights included grungy plaid dresses, shaggy sheepskin coats and the return of the hydrangea print, just in time for spring. Also, how amazing are those red fur boots and where can I get some.

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