4 August 2015

(Jumper, Emporium Vintage Boutique. Skirt, Huffer. Sneakers, Puma. Sunglasses, Cotton On.)

Now that I'm on the home stretch of formal education, my last proper summer ever couldn't come any faster. Plans thus far include enjoying the NZ sun for a solid two months thanks to no exams this semester, before jetsetting off to the Northern Hemisphere for as long as possible (i.e. before I have to come back and start my real adult job.) Desires to escape are further fueled by gloomy days (see above) and the old routine of student life (which isn't actually all that bad currently, considering I almost get five day weekends..!) In the meantime though, scrolling through travel blogs and Pinterest boards will have to suffice, along with pretty much living in the travel-inspired jumper. A vintage piece from Emporium Boutique in Wellington, it's comfy, cozy and a little rugged around the edges, as one should be after some exciting adventures. Paired with my new gold mini and trusty Puma's; I'm ready to board the plane now.

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