14 August 2015

(Jumper, Portmans. Playsuit, Popcherry. Shoes, Number One Shoes. Scarf, Ruby.)

In my attempt to add some colour into these dreary winter months, it seems that I evidently own an abundance of pieces in varying shades of blue. Coats/jackets seem to be the main culprit, with three navy blue numbers hanging in my wardrobe on high rotation. This particularly sunny day didn’t call for a coat, and my knit & scarf combo did a fantastic job of keeping out the cold while my legs got to see the light of day for the first time in too long. The contrast between the cozy top half of the outfit and the breezy summery bottoms is almost poetic, and very fitting for the current trans-seasonal weather (think blaring sunshine with freezing wind). My only issue with this outfit is that I have to literally take everything off to use the bathroom.. someone please fix this problem with playsuits ASAP, I will be forever grateful.


  1. Urgh that would be a pain to do when toileting! I had always wondered what people did when wearing playsuits - though some are very cute! (but not too practical... :\

    At first I thought the bottom was a skirt. I like pattern of your playsuit~

  2. I have that scarf, it's so great! Love how you've styled it :)