10 December 2014

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Officially two weeks out from the big day, and I've only managed tick one present off the to-buy list so far.. I'll totally manage to get everything together in 14 days at the busiest time of year, right? Right..?

In the spirit of the fast approaching festivities, I put together a little inspiration for those of you who are just as slack as me on the present buying front. This particular guide is a bit more special though; after meeting a few local designers and business owners this year, my perspective on supporting local business's has really changed. I definitely feel way more inclined to buy NZ made or from a New Zealand label as opposed to from a big brand chain store nowadays. Not saying I don't buy from chain stores at all, because #poorstudentlife, but there's just something so great about purchasing an item that someone has worked so hard on. These are just a few of the awesome things you can find in our humble little country for less than $100. Currently at the top on my wishlist is the delicious smelling Avocado Mint Captives candle. I've already decided to get this one as a sneaky gift to myself, because seriously, it is just so so good.

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