16 November 2014

(Top, The Warehouse. Denim shirt, c/o Levis. Shorts, Rusty. Shoes, Charlotte Russe. Sunglasses, Glassons.)

So I finally took the plunge and chopped my hair off! A pretty big change for me since I literally can't remember the last time my hair was this short (do toddler years count?). I think they took off around 13 inches, and it now sits just at my collar bone when I haven't styled it too much. Speaking of which, if anybody has any helpful hints on styling short hair for this newbie, send them my way! I also got some colour added in via balayage/sombre (which I've been wanting to do for ages) and I love that it's nice and subtle so I don't look like a bird has pooped in my hair. 

As a welcome to warmer days, I wore this fab denim shirt that I know I'll be living in this summer. It's so perfect to throw on over almost anything to give it that casual, chilled out vibe. It's surprisingly warm as well, which was especially handy on this particular day since the weather was absolutely terrible. But we did manag to take some photos at Albert Park in between showers with these gorgeous purple flowers that I want to steal for my dining table. 

I am now officially on summer holidays (actually have been since last Saturday, woohoo) but only have a week left until my summer job starts up. Yay for getting paid but boo to getting up at 7am.. I'll definitely be making the most of the next week of sleep ins!


  1. The sorbet yellow with he denim is on point and I LOVE the new hair! You can try sleeping in a bun or two buns since the hair might be too short, and see if you like the result the next day. I usually do that if I'm bothered and want volume and texture :P

    Enjoy the next few weeks! x

    1. Ooh, sounds like a super awesome lazy girl way to style your hair! Haha will have to give it a try, thanks Seryna! xx

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous!! The shorter length looks so chic on you :) I love this summer look as well. I miss wearing shorts so much!!


    Looks by Lau

    1. Aw thank you :) Make the most of those winter layers while you can! xx

  3. Looks like Toni&Guy is a winner for short textured hair! Might have to grab some for myself :) Thanks Ivana ♥