1 October 2014

I discovered Amber and her label about a year ago, and instantly feel in love with her feminine designs, amazing use of fabrics and gorgeous colour palettes. She recently released her latest spring collection, 'Aroha', with her summer collection coming out very soon as well! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Amber at her Parnell Boutique and take a few snaps of my favourite pieces, as well as find out a bit more about her and the new collection.

(Wearing: Kumanu top & Maketu shorts)

When did Amber Whitecliffe begin and how did it all start?
After graduating with a BFA, fashion major, I went to go work in the industry. After 3 years of experience, I decided that being a designer was infact my dream job. I launched my label in November 2012 with a fashion show and online website (whilst working fulltime). A year later I took the plunge to work on my brand fulltime, and that’s where it all began!

This year was your first showing at NZFW; what were the most stressful moments for you?
Finding funding was the most stressful part! Since I started this journey, both my husband and myself had been working like crazy people day and night, but we still didn’t have the cash! Firstly, I was given the amazing opportunity by Dame Pieter Stewart to showcase in the Miromoda show when I placed in the Wellington competition in June, and then I was blessed with a full sponsorship for my entry into the New Generation Show by David Melrose Design. So thankful!!

And what did you enjoy most about the whole experience?
Sounds lame, but I think realising I finally made it was pretty cool! I have worked at NZFW since 2006, so being able to finally take part as a designer was really rewarding after all my hard work!

 (Wearing: Maketu teeWairangi skirt & Veronica B necklace)

What was the creative process behind creating the 'Aroha' collection?
Aroha (love) is about just that! I got married earlier this year and became aware that my culture (NZ European/Maori) and my husband’s (Indian/Portuguese) were becoming one. I really wanted to look into my heritage and whanua and express that in my thoughts and design process.

What is your favourite piece from the collection & how would you style it?
Oh! So hard! I love the Ake Maxi, it’s an easy shape that suits all body types and is a great dress that you can wear casually or glamorously. Being a fabric magpie, I am also obsessed with the designs made from the gold sequin and navy & gold metallic silk.

(Wearing: Weherua dress, Veronica B bracelet & bag)

And lastly, just for fun! This or that?

Winter or Summer?
Gold or silver?
Morning or night?
Oh I love things about both, but probably mornings! Starting a new day always brings new opportunities, new goals & a chance to start over.
Savory or sweet?
Sweet tooth!
Shorts or skirts?
Skorts! Best of both worlds - practical but pretty!
Coffee or tea?
Tea addict. I have AT LEAST 3 a day.

Thanks so much for having me Amber; looking forward to the release of your summer collection! Visit Amber's website here, or pop into her boutique store on Parnell Road to get a closer look at these beautiful pieces.


  1. Oh my gosh the Weherua dress looks incredible on you! I hope you bought it :D

  2. These are such beautiful pieces!! The designs are so unique. I absolutely love the sheer top and Weherua dress!


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