28 March 2014


Last Saturday, as a 'study break', I went and watched the 2pm show of Newmarket's 'Catwalk on the Street' fashion sessions, which were conveniently about a two minute walk away from my apartment. It was such a beautiful sunny day, and the show definitely made me want to run into the shops and buy all the amazing pieces for the coming winter season! (Which would've been super easy since everything featured in the show was from stores in Newmarket). I thought I'd share some of my favourite (and least blurry) outfits that I managed to captured.

Fave look: Far left - Mixed prints + killer shoes = winner.

Fave look: Far right - Isn't that coral colour just gorgeous?

Fave look: Far left - Digging that bright white paired with big & bold floral.

Casual (+1 swimwear)
Fave look: 2nd from right - I would definitely wear this outfit! Those boots.. ♥

Fave look(s): Middle two - Dreaming of a grey winter.. Can I have both please?

Fave look: Far right - Adore that double tiered skirt, and pretty pastels will always win me over.

Fave look: 2nd from the right - To be honest, I love all of these winter jackets! 

The final walk

After the 2pm show, the finalists of the 'Next Face of Newmarket' modelling competition came out onto the catwalk for the winner to be announced. I managed to get this shot of the gorgeous Ellen (in the yellow) from Shop Style Conquer, who was one of the 15 finalists (congrats!). I also met her lovely sister, Tara, after spotting her in the crowd and plucking up the courage to say hello. It was so nice talking to another blogger in real life after seeing so much of them online; hopefully I'll have some more chance-blogger-encounters in the future :) 


  1. This looks like such a fun event to go to. Love the different jackets!

    1. The jackets were my fave too, made me so excited for winter!

  2. So many edgy designs here!!

  3. thanks for the shout out helena XD
    love your coverage of the trends in the show, definately my fav post about the show ive read, great job!!


    ♥ Ellen
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    1. You're welcome Ellen; you were great! Aw thanks so much, glad you liked reading it ♥