18 December 2013

nine 'til five

(Top, Dotti. Skirt, Wild Pair. Shoes, Dotti. Necklace, DIY. Bracelet, Gifted)

A few weeks ago, I started my new summer job with a big corporate company, and found that my wardrobe was a little lacking in the appropriate-office-attire department.. All my skirts were too short/tight/casual, and the only pair of pants I owned have hearts all over them. I always love a good excuse to go shopping (who doesn't), so this gave me the perfect opportunity.

This is definitely my favourite outfit that I acquired for work, and the one I've worn most as well. A pencil skirt and blouse is the classic corporate combo, but I love all the details in this look that makes it more than just a uniform. The pussy bow, a peplum, and a bright burst of colour that really makes the office a happier place. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to wear heels to my workplace due to health & safety (I usually wear black flats) but thought I'd slip them on for these photos anyway.

Can't believe this year is nearly over, and that Christmas is only a week away..! (I haven't done ANY present shopping yet.. oops). Hope everyone is well and enjoying this festive time of year xx


  1. Love this!

  2. haha i defintaly use my part time job as an excuse to go and buy new more sophisticated clothing ;)
    anyway, loving this outfit, that peplum is gorgeous!


    ♥ Ellen
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    1. Gotta look sharp on the job! Haha, thank you Ellen ♥

  3. love the skirt! merry christmas! :*


    1. Thanks, and merry belated xmas to you too :)