7 October 2013

(Top, Cotton On. Shorts, Glassons. Shoes, Steve Madden. Sunglasses, Dotti. Rings, eBay. Necklace & bracelet, gifted.)

I unfortunately can't call this blog post an 'Outfit of the Day' or a 'What I Wore Today' post, considering I only wore this for about 30 minutes while these photos were taken. Although I would love to be able to dress like this on a daily basis, my lifestyle, age, occupation (or lack of), environment and bank balance tend to limit my daily outfit choices. And considering I live at the bottom of a giant hill which is located in a rather hilly city, I'm not sure how practical these shoes would be for busy day..

Nevertheless, it's always fun to be someone else for the afternoon, and I definitely felt like a much classier version of myself as I strutted around on the stairs in this get-up (while also trying not to fall). I forgot how much I loved these breezy shorts; the only reason I haven't worn them in a long time is because they wrinkle very easily and need to be ironed every time (and yes, I am that lazy).

This was definitely such a fun posts to put together, maybe I'll make WIWIWT a regular thing? After all, 'playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends' ❤


  1. I really love this look! Your shorts are amazing!
    - Charlotte

  2. Those ruffle shorts are so cute, glad you had the chance to wear them, even if only for the photos :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. totally like this look! Shall we follow by fa cebook and bloglovin?

  4. These are really cute shorts and the heels are very pretty, too.

  5. Love that quote and I definitely agree. I need to get out more so I can get dressed more often!, lovely outfit x

  6. Love this outfit! Aw, I'm also frequently limited by what I can wear to school and work too. Haha, a little dress up is still fun indeed! Anyway, love your style! Followed via bloglovin and google+! Check out my blog too! xxx


  7. oh I love your heels
    but it's true that those are not the most practical shoes! the shorts have pretty colors as well!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  8. this outfit is super cool! there are outfits I wish were practical to wear around (sometimes i just wear them anyway! Ive been one of 'those girls' that has worn their new heels to uni haha)
    These stairs made a really awesome back drop for these photos!

    -Tara x


  9. This is such a stunning outfit, I love the colour combination.
    and those heels are to die for! I've been contemplating buying a pair of nude heels but I don't know if I could work them, ahhaha :-)
    You looks like a model in this!

  10. LoVE THE outfit! what color are the shoes? blush or fawn patent?

  11. Love the outfit!! what color are the shoes? blush or fawn patent? thanku