31 August 2013


(Top, Valley Girl. Jeans, Wildpair. Coat, Glassons. Booties, Glassons. Sunglasses, Dotti. Roxy bag, North Beach)

Today marked the first day of my long awaited mid-semester break (yay), as well as the last day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though spring isn't exactly here yet, the air's starting to feel a little warmer, the sun hangs around a little longer, and we're (almost) officially one season closer to the sweet taste of summer time. To commemorate this momentous day, I decided to wear this gorgeous creamy coat from Glassons as a last goodbye to the colder months. It is definitely my favourite winter piece this season, and I'm sure it will be for many winters to come. I love that it tapers in slightly at the waist, and that hood is actually detachable (although I usually keep it on in case of any unexpected showers). Keeping the look neutral, I paired it with a spotted black & white top that peeks out and adds some texture when I unbutton the coat.

I wore this outfit out to grab some lunch with Gregor at Bruschetteria in Elliot Stables. Being a lover of all foods Italian, this place has been on my to-try list for a while. The food tasted as delicious as it looks; it probably had something to do with the fact that it was covered in parmesan cheese, olive oil and pesto. And at $10 each for the two plates above, it was a pretty good deal too! Afterwards, I meet up with my friend Apoorva for a classic coffee catch-up about boys, clothes and furniture shopping. All in all, a pretty successful start to the holidays.

Happy weekend everyone! xx


  1. Love that coat! I work at Glassons and I saw it today haha :) The looseness of the tee looks really good when it sticks out - great choice! Ohh the platters look amazing, especially the bruschetta like one!


    1. Aw, luck you, Glasson's looks like such a fun place to work! I think half my wardrobe is from them, haha. Thanks Ivana, the bruschetta was super yum :) xx

  2. Woah, that food looks so delicious! And your ankle boots are so cool - as well as the coat! :)

    1. Thank you Tanja, I love pairing the two together !

  3. Such a chic look and delicious looking food! Yum! I hope you have an amazing midsemester break! x


  4. Great coats and fab boots, they look really comfy! Really have to buy a pair.xx


  5. I am also super glad uni break is here, thank goodness for the opportunity to catch up on sleep and assignments! I love the outfit, the pieces in it are really cool!
    (The bruchetta place is my go to at the stables! i love that its all really light a fresh tasting, so good!)

    -Tara x


  6. Wow all the food!! Looks so yummy! And you look amazing <3

  7. Love the outfit! The shoes and shirt are adorable.