19 July 2013

(Top, Cotton On. Denim shorts, Valley Girl. Shoes, Converse. Sunglasses, Dotti. Necklace, Gifted. Bracelet, Byron Bay Botique)

Here's some more snaps of the beautiful area that is Byron Bay. On this day, we took a walk up to Cape Bryon Light, the lighthouse which is situated at the most easterly point of mainland Australia. It was a stunning cloudless day, and the never-ending blue of sea against the sky was breathtaking. During the walk up, I stopped to take way too many screensaver-esque photos, and even managed to sight a little wallaby in the bushes (unfortunately he was too fast for me to get a snap of him).

The lack of clouds also meant it was blazing hot under the sun, so I choose to wear this easy-breezy chiffon top; blue and sparkly to match the ocean. I braided my hair to keep my neck nice and cool, and as a bonus, they left me with some pretty beach waves when I took them out in the afternoon. Spent the rest of the day eating, sunbathing and making sandcastles with my boyfriend. It was a good day :)


  1. amazign pics!!

  2. Amazing photos!!