13 May 2013

So snuggly!

I remember when chunky knits first became a big thing a few winters back, and stores were filling up with all sorts of knitted goodness. I loved the style straight away, but being the cheapo that I am, I also didn't want to fork out that much money for a jumper. When I was little, I wore a LOT of wool/knitted jumpers, and most of them were knitted by my grandmothers or my mum. So I thought, hey, why not just relive my childhood and acquire a good old home made sweater. Mum kindly agreed to take up the project, and after spending way too long deciding on what colour wool I wanted, I finally settled on this pale pink colour (pastel again, surprise surprise!). A few weeks of needle-clicking later, Mum presented me with the knitted piece of awesomness you see above; she even put a cable knit pattern on it! Talk about talent. And since it was Mother's Day yesterday, I decided it was very appropriate to wear this jumper. Paired it with my blue skinnies to make the perfect lounging-around-at-home outfit.

Thank you Mum, for this amazing jumper and everything else you've done ❤
Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day xx


  1. I love knitted sweaters! The whole look is perfect fo a cool winter or cool spring evening :D love it