12 May 2013

(Top, Supre. Skirt, Supre. Cardigan, Valley Girl. Scarf (gifted), Country Road. Belt, Wildpair. Converse All Stars, Hot Topic)
Birthday breakfast; sweet and savory crepes!
Balloons in pastel with polka dots?!  *dies*

Thanks you Millie (+ flatmates) for this beautiful bracelet ❤
(Dress, Glassons. Tights, Farmers. Booties, Glassons. Bow necklace, Gifted. My Deer Fox bracelet (gifted), Ruby.)

The Friday just gone marked my 19th birthday, and also started one of the most gluttonous weekends I've had in a while. Gregor took me out for breakfast at Torchon French Creperie where we indulged in giant crepes filled with goodness. I was craving breakfast sausages that morning, so I ordered the Gallete with egg, cheese and saugases, while he picked out the fresh fruit and berries. For some reason, whenever we go out to eat, his meal always looks girlier than mine.. hmmm..

Although the rest of the daytime was sadly filled with Uni lectures, I had an amazing birthday dinner that night with friends at the Britomart Country Club. The restaurant is a beautiful garden bar, with cute flower table pieces and lots of greenery everywhere. The cocktails were delicious, the pizzas looked and tasted amazing, and I also scored a complimentary birthday shot from the bar (thanks Annie!).

My gorgeous cake (pastels of course) was made on Thursday night; Gregor started out making it, but because he's pretty clueless with baking and I'm a total perfectionist, I ended up taking over. It actually turned out quite nicely in the end, I think the butterfly sprinkles definitely helped.

As for outfits, I kept it simple during the day with a floral skirt paired with my well-loved, in-need-of-a-scrub Converse All Stars; super comfy for walking back and forth to Uni between all my Friday classes. I love the cute little doodles on these, makes them a bit different from the sea of block colour Chucks. For dinner, I wore this newly bought chiffon floral dress with my favourite black booties. The colourful dainty print on the dark navy background makes it a great floral option for the colder months.

On Saturday night, my parents came up to visit and took me out for a belated birthday dinner at Paradish, an amazing Chinese restaurant at the end of K Road. I forgot to take my camera, but managed to take some snaps on my iPhone. I really miss good Chinese food sometimes, and it was a great meal to follow the pizza from the night before.

Longest blog post yet by far! Hope everyone had a great weekend; thanks to everyone who made mine amazing xx

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